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Build a Diablo with this ebook:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo










Build a Diablo with this book:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo










Fred Nelson Fabrication   



Click to enlargePROJECT: Rear Shocks.  In the rear, the $15 a day Diablo uses a total of 4 aluminum bodied coil over shocks with remote reservoirs; 2 on each side of the car. These shocks, obtained from a local surplus store, have a little over 2 inches of travel and feature adjustable and interchangeable coils and large external knobs for adjusting compression and rebound dampening. The suspension was run through it's travel countless times to locate the exact location of each upper and lower shock mount. Next, top shock mounts were fabricated from 1/8 inch plate steel plate and lower mounts were each fabricated from solid round stock and tapped with threads to allow a rod end to be screwed in.  The project was casually completed over a 2 week period.

Parts:  (4) surplus shocks $20 ea., steel and high grade hardware $20, (4) 5/8 inch rod ends $90, cutting and welding supplies $30.  Average cost:  15 dollars a day

Next, we need to drill theses rotors.