The Fifteen Dollar a Day Diablo                       

 "The Fifteen Dollar a Day Diablo" is a chronicle of the award winning Lamborghini replica that I built on a budget of just $15 every day.  The original "assembly manual" was painstakingly compiled during  development and fabrication. Thousands of copies of the manual were distributed to kit car builders around the world and over time hundreds upon hundreds of car enthusiasts have contacted us to give us their valuable input, suggestions, and success stories.

Recently, we carefully re-edited the book's more than 14,000 words, five dozen color photos, and important illustrations into a even more concise and informative on-line version of the book. The book is sure to provide you with priceless insight into the secrets of how this remarkable car is designed and assembled..... The old paperback book is no longer in print but today the entire book and much more are available online to website members.

The manual contains information on the car's major areas of interest including the chassis, suspension, interior, doors, drive train, and wing....  all built on a budget of just $15 dollars a day! There is also an eye opening index of the description, price, and point of purchase of over 600 components.

Since 1999 we've been helping builders from all around the world.  See what it takes to build a RELIABLE, AGILE, FAST, LEGAL, and RESPECTABLE Lamborghini replica without saying the "F" word (NO Fiero chassis used here). The parts list alone reveals dozens of secrets!   "If you are planning to build your own car see what it takes...... before you begin. This should be the first few dollars you spend"  -Fred Nelson

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