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Complete NAERC chassis plans:

 BUY IT NOW $299











Complete NAERC chassis plans:

 BUY IT NOW $299










Click here to begin the free tour."Fifteen Dollar a Day Diablo" The super car built on a budget of only $15 per day!

The original car was assembled in five basic steps: 

Click to enlargeStep 1. We assembled the major components needed to get the car driving. We used a 7 liter Cadillac engine, GM Turbo 400T trans axle, FNFAB center chassis, full sized Chevy truck front end, Creative Coach fiberglass body, FNFAB roll cage, and Home Depot Lexan windshield. This gets us to the point where the paperwork required to temporarily drive the car can be started and the car can be driven in fair weather with a temporary permit. 

Click to enlargeStep 2. We test drove and tuned the car to prepared for final DMV and CHP scrutiny and emissions testing.  Sealed up the interior and installed all required smog and safety equipment. The DMV and CHP did their inspections plus we submitted the car to an array of punishing road tests to evaluate it's performance and dependability.  Seen here still in the original yellow gel coat. 

Click to enlargeStep 3. We added an authentic Diablo glass windshield and FNFAB custom Aluminum wing. The exterior of the car was painstakingly body-worked, refined, and primed with tan primer tinted yellow.

Click to enlargeStep 4. We removed the temporary steel rims and tires then added new 18" aluminum rims and new Pirelli P Zero tires all around. We installed the cosmetic interior components (example: dash, door panels, head liner) and completed other minor systems that were not really needed to get it licensed, insured, and driving (chrome, heat, A/C, stereo, etc..)  

Step 5. We added real Diablo glass side windows and electric window motors. All details of the interior were completed including new black upholstery and carpeting.  Windshield wiper assembly installed. Car completely detailed and 'done'.

Our $15 day a day budget ended here. After several years of enjoying the VT in tan primer, the car was eventually re-worked and turned it into a Roadster. The roof was cut off, Lamborghini look alike engine cover added, the racing wing was replaced with a stock looking replica wing then a nice new red paint job and new white leather interior were added.


More sample images of this car in progress:

Rolling chassis steel roll cage going in interior fiberglass test fitted Interior before upholstery At The Drop Zone. Ontario, California. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Preliminary smog testing at Jay's Pitstop

To see the complete documented details of the building of this car click here.