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Build a Diablo with this ebook:

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Build a Diablo with this book:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo










Fred Nelson Fabrication   



Click to enlargePROJECT:  Passenger Side Dash Upholstery.  (Keep in mind that this piece had already been body worked, carefully fit to the rest of the dash, and primed with black primer).  To begin, a neatly trimmed piece of 1/8 inch thick black felt was glued to the face of the fiberglass part using 3M spray adhesive. Next, a piece of black vinyl was stretched over the entire dash section (later the vinyl can be used as a pattern for leather). Working in a clockwise direction, the covering was slightly and carefully stretched and clamped every few inches.  The process was repeated until all of the wrinkles disappeared and the vinyl was stretched evenly and tightly over the part. Some areas needed to be stretched much more than others to obtain the desired fit.  Lastly, the covering was trimmed and glued along the back edges (directly to the fiberglass) then allowed to set overnight before removing the clamps....

 Labor: One evening. Parts: felt, vinyl, clamps, and 3M spray adhesive. Estimated cost: 15 dollars a day