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Build a Diablo with this ebook:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo










Build a Diablo with this book:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo











Watch our custom cabin bike construction as we progress. Check back often. We have many more photos, drawings, videos, and patterns coming as we continue.

From imagination to fabrication and beyond.  R&D, Testing, Computer Aided Drafting, General metal Fabrication, Reverse Engineering, Welding, CNC Plasma Cutting, Tube bending. Fred Nelson Fabrication HOME OF Visit our website for all your plasma cutting needs 

H1sOnly  Lot's of great photos of the HUMMER at San Gabriel Canyon, Moab Utah, The Grand Canyon, Mt Wilson and more.  Great H1 Hummer backgrounds.