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Build a Diablo with this ebook:

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Build a Diablo with this book:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo









Thanks to our website members for their generous contributions to our history of the Knott's Berry Farm Kit Car show. 


 Knott's Berry Farm 2008 Show

Photos courtesy Jon Maretti of American Pacific Lending


 2007 Class: Lamborghini


 2006  Class: Lamborghini  The lime green Murcielago seen below was one of this years favorites and if you look closely at the photos you'll see why.  Top Gun was present again this year with a prototype of their Murcielago as well.  Click photos to enlarge.


        2005      Class: Lamborghini The Lamborghini Diablo replicas at the Knott's Berry Farm  show this year were nothing less than remarkable.  It was obvious that the Diablo replica 'industry' has had several years to fine tune their Diablo look-a-likes and everybody has come a long way. Many fine fabricators and craftsmen have certainly spent countless hours and endless dollars perfecting every component of their automobiles and it shows. 

Courtesy JON

Courtesy FNFAB

Courtesy FNFAB

 This year several chassis and body manufacturers also showed that the Lamborghini Diablo replica has come of age with high dollar and high quality chassis and body parts to rival other favorite kit car industries. Items of interest include components from North American Exotic Replica Cars of Saskatoon Canada, Chassis Works of Las Vegas Nevada, and American Super Car Concepts of Ponca, OK.  Although this is no official endorsement, each of these companies appear to be reputable and legitimate and all had quality merchandise for viewing at the show.

2003      Class 7: Lamborghini $15/Day Diablo from FNFAB

Click here to see more FNFAB at Knotts 2003

 $15 Day Diablo. Knotts 2003 $15 Day Diablo. Knotts 2003 $15 Day Diablo. Knotts 2003 $15 Day Diablo. Knotts 2003



exoticreplicars.com. Ken Esler of North American Exotic Replica Cars in Saskatoon IFG.  Chino, Cailf

2002   Class 6: Lamborghini $15/Day Diablo from FNFAB

 Susana and the $15 a Day Diablo Fred's wiper assembly Knott's 2002


Yellow Diablo White Countach Red Countach Red Diablo

 Ron's Top Gun car Silver Roadster Silver Interior Black Diablo Show winner

2001   Class 7:  Lamborghini $15/Day Diablo from FNFAB

 Susana at Knotts 2001 Fred's Car 2001Knotts


 Black(2)1.jpg (62643 bytes) Countach.jpg (62252 bytes) Yellow Northstar Yellow Northstar engine compartment

WinnerInterior.jpg (60742 bytes) Ron.jpg (61327 bytes) Black.jpg (62435 bytes) Red.jpg (61431 bytes) Yellow(2)1.jpg (61184 bytes) Purple.jpg (62819 bytes)

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