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FNFAB's Lamborghini Diablo replica

SORRY, SOLD. Rights to the $15 a Day Diablo book NOT included. Rights to the website NOT included. Beautiful girls NOT included.

Click here to see a movie This car is a blast to own and drive. It was built using a full sized Chevy truck front cross member, front frame, front suspension, and front brakes added to a revolutionary yet simple custom 'center chassis'.  There is a  425 cubic inch (7 liter) Cadillac V8 engine and transaxle in the rear along with the frame, suspension, and brakes from  a full sized Cadillac Eldorado (the front components of the Cadillac are used in the rear of this car). The suspension is complemented with adjustable dual coil over shocks with remote reservoirs in the rear and Firestone Air Lift air bags all around. The car features heavy duty Saginaw hydraulic power steering and 'oversized' four wheel power disc brakes. No Fiero parts here. Only heavy duty "full size" GM car and truck parts.

Power windows. Alarm. Driver's door opens via alarm remote. Interior features full VDO instrumentation and a B & M Automatic Hammer shifter.  Five point seat belts and customized racing seats. Pirelli P Zero tires on 18 inch "Antera" Turbo Porsche aluminum rims and a large custom racing T6 Aluminum wing.

Looks, performs, runs, rides, handles, and stops exceptionally well. Currently correctly licensed, insured, and legally passes smog in California.  In yellow tinted tan primer.

Learn how to build a Lamborghini Diablo replica. FNFAB has put together dozens of photos, illustrations, and patterns together with more than 14,000 words in a step- by- step ebook on how to build this remarkable car. Learn more



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