For Sale/Trade  Prova Lamborghini Countach Replica.
Prova Countach V8 Tube Chassis. The chassis is Prova built tube space frame with corvette coil over adjustable shocks and disk brakes. The power plant is a longitudinal V8 Corvette TPI driven through a Porsche trans-axle. It has beautiful factory color red paint. It also has real white Countach seats. The Wheels are Centerline with Pirelli tires. Many genuine parts like lights and vents. This car needs very little to complete. 
 It does have A/C! All wiring is is there, placed, and labeled for easy install. These kits are VERY RARE and SOUGHT-AFTER, the ones that started it all. $45k+ was already invested in car and when completed can sell for $75k+. It is for sale for $20k and price will go up when I get and install the shifter and cable. Don't mind the high front or the bumper. The coil over suspension is just at its highest setting to allow the big spare wheels I had on the front until I just bought these. The bumper has been cut off because I planed on having a steel bumper welded the the frame behind and put back on. This will create a much safer car and I recommend you do as well. Will trade for a more modern replica, preferably Diablo or Murcielago. Will even trade for non replica, but trade in value must be $20k. These cars are in very high demand so hurry before its gone. I am located in Dallas Texas.    - Daniel 


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