1999 (North American Exotic Replicas) Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster replica, built on a Fiero GT 2.8 V6 manual transmission, professionally stretched with laser cut plates, mint donor with 30000 original miles ($7000 donor not a rusted junk car-will provide an printout of the ad of the donor car). NAERC was know to be the most accurate Diablo replica body ever made and was sued by Audi and they had close their doors, so it's really difficult to obtain one of their kits nowadays. The car was finished in 2009 and has couple thousand miles since completion. Compared side to side NAERC looks superior then any other Lamborghini kit on the market. Finished in Lamborghini red ,the $10000 paint job looks stunning Beautiful replica two tone interior black/tan, thick real leather that looks and smells new showing no wear anywhere. Gaps doors, engine cover, trunk are perfect. Real Diablo A/C control unit. Carbon fiber NAERC center console, carbon fiber side fins, mirrors, foot rest, door sills, and gauge cluster plate with accurate Lamborghini gauges. All accurate Lamborghini emblems Diablo replica steering wheel and replica steering column Four disc brakes with drilled rotors Roadster replica rims with new tires 6.0 rear taillights gives the car a nice updated look Power windows roll up and down Power locks from the inside also have keys for the outside with real locks Rear view camera for better visibility is also installed ALPINE stereo with CD player Working authentic style windshield wiper with carbon fiber inserts All lights operate properly. The car does not overheat. Dual battery terminals, one leading from under the vehicle to prevent tossing cables on the paint job and possibly damaging or scratching the paint. The drivers side glass has a crack, its behind the side mirror so it's not very visible, speedometer and tachometer need to be looked at.  $48k




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