FULLY complete (inside and out) white Lamborghini Countach Replica with low miles. Very rare Targa Top for drivers over 5'7" tall. Backup camera*, GPS Navigation, DVD player, Bluetooth phone (through stereo system), and Jensen audio booster. This replica was built on a 1986 Fiero frame and is NOT stretched to ensure a much safer and stronger vehicle.  The meticulous beige hand-stitched interior is exact to the original. The only way people can tell this is not the real deal is to open the hood and count the spark plug wires!

     *Backup camera custom installed. The camera also operates while the vehicle is driving forward to allow for MUCH safer lane changing on the highway.

All doors and the front and rear panels (5 total) are on an electronic actuator with remote keyless entry with backup manual access.

     Unlike many of the other "show" cars being sold, that are just merely 30-50k trophies, this one is meant to be driven and admired by all! We have used this vehicle for Prom, reunions, weddings, etc. and people have actually paid to be photographed and driven in this beautiful car!  Fully registered in both PA and MA.

     Pirelli Tires, Jensen 7" Multimedia (Backup Camera, DVD player, GPS Navigation, Bluetooth phone and music audio), newer master and slave cylinders (swapped out Fiero plastic for all steel aftermarket). This 1989 25th Anniversary addition is in impeccable shape, with only a few minor scratches on the entire body. $24,900 - Bob


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