FOR SALE: L P 6 4 0 R o a d s t e r R e p l i c a.   First of all I must say that this has been the most reliable replica I have ever owned. You are not bidding on a kit car. This is a replica of a 2009 Murcielago LP 640 Roadster which is built on modified custom chassis with a Supercharged Buick 3800 engine and electronics from a 2001 Buick Park Avenue. The fit and finish is factory like. The convertible top is a factory aftermarket Lamborghini Murcielago top. I want to start by saying my last exotic before owning this vehicle was a 2004 Lamborghini Murcielago, the real deal. Soon after paying 16K to replace the clutch and the fact that I was scared to drive the car more than 1000 miles over the time that I had it in fear that I would be faced with another huge repair bill. I had to depart with it. This car has been the most reliable replica I have ever owned ( did I say that by the way lol). After selling my real Murcielago I soon missed all of the looks and stares, VIP treatment, and professional attention I received while driving it around town. As a result my end goal was to find a vehicle with the same feel and status without the “ouch factor” every time I took it in for service. I heard about this car while on vacation and had no plans on purchasing it. I went to see it more out of curiosity as I was on business in the same town, but after seeing it I could not believe the fit and finish and how authentic it looked. In fact when I had my real Murci people would ask me if it was a Kit Car. That has never happened with my replica. To give you an idea of the fit and finish and attention to detail that went it to this build, this car sold for 85K in 2010, and that was before the factory OEM Murcielago wheels and tires where installed. You will not go out on the town and have someone think the car is not authentic. The lines are dead on and the fit and finish are top notch, from the way the doors close. In fact I believe the fit better than the actual Murcielago Roadster. Even the sound is authentic and the drive is amazing. With that said let me get down to the meat and potatoes. As stated previously this car comes with a 3.8 Super Charged V6 engine and modern electronics, it has a custom stereo with am, fm, cd, mp3 input, and most of the creature comforts of the real Murcielago except for the fact that it does not have windows or AC. Not sure why the builder went through all of the expense to make this masterpiece so authentic, but did not install power side glass nor AC. Above all this car is extremely reliable in fact the only repairs I have done were to replace the instrument cluster, and change the oil. If you are shy this car is not for you, from all of the flashing cell phone cameras while driving on the highway down to the free club Vale parking to the ever so popular “ May I ask who you are” question which I always get by. The only reason why I am selling this amazing vehicle is that after the birth of our son this month my priorities have shifted, so now that baby Jayden is here little and the Murcielago  has to go. If you are looking for a reliable authentic looking exotic head turner without spending 00K this is the vehicle for you. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Below is additional information on the build. This vehicle was professionally built by Triangle G with Triangle G Body Kit Quality Components. This Vehicle has a Year 2010 SPCNS Title. This simply means it is recognized as a Custom Built Vehicle with VIN number ZHWBU47S2010640 issued by the State Of California

F E A T U R E S:
Note: this replica has over 15K in authentic Lamborghini OEM parts

3.8l Supercharged V6
Automatic Transmission
OEM Lamborghini Wheel
OEM Lamborghini Tires
OEM Lamborghini Grills (11 Pieces)
OEM Lamborghini Tail Lights
OEM Lamborghini Pistachio Green Exterior Paint
Battery Kill Switch
Remote Door Poppers
2001 Buick Drive Train
Wide Track Front Suspension





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