1989 LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH 5000S REPLICA!!! Built on a stretched 1989 Pontiac Fiero Chassis with a new 350 motor. It has a Lamborghini Diablo tan Interior in perfect condition with 4-point harness seat belts. This car is about 90% finished but they are all minor things!

1.Car overheats, I bought I new pump for it, just needs to be installed.
2. Dash electrical needs to be gone through again
3. Windshield needs to be replaced. Needs more frame support.
4. Door poppers need to be aligned to work, doors need to be lined up aswell (door handles shaved)
5. Rear trunk needs to be adjusted to open.
6. No radio installed, and No A/C compressor

Major thing is it needs a little fiberglass work to get the doors and upper frame to be solid.
Title in hand, does not have a VIN# it's been issued with a UTR number from the state of UTAH.



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