Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 Roadster (convertible) Fiberglass Body Kit

This is the highest-quality Lambo replica body you will find anywhere! Compare to the others on the market, and you will see that the quality of this body is light-years ahead of anything else! You will save hundreds of hours of bodywork by getting a good kit rather than a "cheap" kit.

This is the only 1-piece Murcielago LP640 body kit that I ever found. There are several advantages to a 1-piece body:

The car will take less time to assemble.

You don't have to deal with trying to fit parts together that don't line up (the cheap kits are made of fiberglass that warps out of shape, so nothing ever lines up and more bodywork is necessary to make the parts fit.)

You will not deal with future stress cracks when the parts that were bonded together start to separate (fiberglass expands and contracts with changes in temperature which can cause the seams to separate and crack.)

You will save money in materials by not having to bond a bunch of pieces together.
This body kit was produced from a mold which was made from a real Lamborghini Murcielago. The only modifications that were made to the body which vary from the real Lambo are two horizontal tabs below the fenders (not visible once car is built) where there body gets mounted to the doner car frame. The kit was designed to mount on a stretched Pontiac Fiero, Toyota MR2, or Porsche Boxter chassis (frame.)

I do not manufacture body kits. I only build kit cars as a hobby. In the past, I've purchased fiberglass body kits from several different suppliers and was always disappointed with the quality of the fiberglass. It seemed that the quality of the bodies became worse and worse every time that the mold was used, yet they continue to use the molds and sell bodies with countless imperfections. However, this particular body was made in a fiberglass shop that normally only builds high-end boats. (They asked that I don't mention their name because they no longer plan to make these car bodies and have sold their mold.) Their mold had only been used a few times, so you will not find any of the imperfections in this body that you will see in the other Mercy body kits that are available. If you are shopping around for the "best" kit, I suggest you take a look at the products in person. You're welcome to come and take a look at this one (I am located in Michigan.) I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

The following items are included with the purchase:
One piece, main body (with built-in ground effects, headlight buckets, tail light buckets, fender walls, etc.)
Doors (outer door panels and inner door tubs.)
Front hood.
Rear trunk lid.
Roadster-type engine bonnet (vented, mid-trunk lid.)
Interior and removable roof are not included, but I can direct you where to get them.
I have two of these bodies available and plan to sell both of them. The yellow car in the pictures is one that I built using this same body kit to give you an idea of how your finished car could look. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: or link to my Ebay listing at:


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