Real 1995 Lamborghini Diablo. This Running1995 Lamborghini Diablo has been my restoration project for several years. I have collected most of the parts required to make it into a beautiful "real" Diablo. So far I have $70,000 invested but due to other unfortunate circumstances I cannot continue with this restoration. I have a '97 Diablo Roadster and a 02 Murcielago so I do have a good appreciation of what it would take to finish this. Initially I took this on because I just couldn't watch a once beautiful car be torn up for parts, another reason was to prove that some stunningly ignorant and obnoxious people were just that. This car would be perfect for someone with kit car or body shop experience. This is essentially a 1995 coupe with an "SE" center section and it does have a "rebuilt/salvage title". You will see from the pictures that It has beautiful interior components with carbon fiber and Suede Diablo seats, [worth about $15,000 alone]. Also it has a set of new P-Zero wheels and tires and a new front bumper. At one time I thought I might use some kit car parts so I bought a complete "Diablo Roadster fiberglass kit" which will also come with the package. Most of the required parts are there but it does need rear quarter windows. Surprising as it may seem the engine runs with "NO ENGINE LIGHTS". The steering and main running gear have been restored to close to factory specs, however I don't think I would try for the advertised 200 mph. Currently it is in the hands of an extremely competent Lamborghini restoration expert in the Phoenix area, and should you want him to complete it I know he would make it look like new, for a reasonable price.  $45,000


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