1986 Lamborghini Countach Replica.  7k miles on it and 34k miles on a 1997 GM 3800 series II V6 engine.  Based on a properly stretched Fiero with not much of the Fiero left. Full tube roll cage and square tube chassis. All new adjustable coil-over suspension. Alpine and MB Quart full sound system. AC works great. Exact replica wheels. 345/35 rears, 205/55 fronts. Two radiators in the proper place.  Usable front trunk. Original Tail lights, marker lights, emblems, wheel flares, indicator lights, windshield. The car runs and drives great. This car took 7 pain staking years to build it shows in the quality and exactness. Any real Countach enthusiast will be able to appreciate. Asking $28K.  Cost over $40K to build. I have enjoyed the car and now have decided to let it go and move on to something different. This car gets a TON of attention. Fun but if you don't like a lot of attention this may not be the car for you.


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