I just installed a Twin cold air Induction system. Looks awesome and made a huge performance enhancement on the motor.. breathes a lot better.. 1989 25th Anniversary Countach reproduction built in 2000 by a company called IFG Exotics in California. This car is the exact dimensions of the original with curved glass and power windows, and a mid engine 327 V-8 with manual transmission. It has just over 1000 miles on it. It is the absolute closest Countach I have seen to a real one. With this car you can raise or lower it with the Adjustable coil over shocks and springs in a matter of 5 minutes. This helps if you have crappy roads or tall speed bumps...The brakes and suspension are brand new including the rotors (Eibach)....also underneath the car it has been fully X-braced and powder coated...even the cradle for the motor.. all axles are new and shafts and CV boots. the 327 in it has a brand new Holly 4 barrel carb. The tires are extremely wide and are also new.. I have installed a rear view camera to help with visibility. The interior is in really good shape as you can see. It does have AC but it does not blow cold for some reason. Working on it. The transmission has a G-Force Centerforce clutch provided by Archie V8..and it shifts smooth .. The sound system is a Pioneer system with 4 speakers and Cd player. The car is equipped with 2 anti theft devises, the first is an audible alarm with motion. it is also equipped with a kill switch and a key that disables the entire power system. Even if you had the key to the ignition you would not be able to start the car without the power key. All doors open properly and separately just as the original car does. to include the engine compartment and trunk which is carpeted. As you can see in the photos the car has had a ton of money put into it making it look as close to the real thing as possible without spending a $100,000 dollars or more for a real one. Not to include what it would cost to insure and maintain. This car is titled as a a 2000 Specially constructed Lamborghini and is emissions Exempt from California. This car attracts more attention than you can stand. I am selling the car for $45,000 It appraised at 54k.. I am open to interesting trades.  I can arrange shipping in enclosed transport. to see more pictures and video click on this link  Thanks  RANDY


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