89 Countach 25th. anniversary replica Viper yellow built by Exotic Illusions in PA. Built on a 1986 Fiero chassis stretched to 98" wheelbase. With H.T. Motor Sports tubular front & rear control arms all urethane bushings front and rear, coil over adjustable suspension and Camaro brake upgrade with larger master cylinder and Brembo cross drilled vented rotors, stainless steal brake lines, 17" Motor Sport Wheels. Dunlap tires 335 35 ZR 17 rear and 225 45 ZR 17 fronts .New GM crate engine is a Chevy 350 cubic inch 350 hp. 4 bolt main block with Center Force clutch and flywheel. A V8 Archie kit mates this to a 1988 Getrag 5spd. Trans axle, Aluminum radiator with 16" shrouded fan, 150 amp alternator, Tilton Starter. Original windshield, OEM Vitalloni electric mirrors, OEM Tail lights and park lights, Rare OEM ANSA exhaust tips, and correct badges and emblems, lights, OEM wiper arm, exhaust screen, Two tone leather interior, removable side glass for fresh air, A/C, 7" Clarion flip screen CD, MP3, DVD.. 6 speaker system with amp., custom white face gauges with emblems. Remote doors and alarm system and remote trunk. Full emergency entry fail safe system. This car is one of a kind. Two years in the making and to much invested to list here. Over 90k too produce this fine enthusiasts automobile. For the true connoisseur.  $75,000 contact: Exotic Illusions at





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