Lamborghini Diablo VT Replica


Lamborghini Diablo VT Replica, turnkey $20,900 (Canadian). D&R kit with some original Diablo parts, wide and low, exact dimensions of the body, based on solid tubular frame combined with stretched Fiero chassis, backup camera, keyless entry, power doors, hood, trunk, power mirrors, AC and heater with fully working interior vents, four disk brakes, tilt, CD, runs on stock Diablo tires 225/45/17 (front) and massive 335/35/17 at the back, all electrical components are fully working including the popup headlights and Lamborghini electrical switches, absolutely no leaks or smoke of any kind, mechanical components and undercarriage are spotless and most are new or reconditioned, has Lexan side windows and windshield glass, V6, 4 speed manual, currently titled as 86 Pontiac Fiero.

Overall it could use new paint and upholstery/detailing, body has some scratches (invisible on the pictures), small side P/S window has a reparable crack, the car handles great on even surface, but poorly on uneven pavement (suspension is extremely hard and the car is very low to the ground). It will also need new tiers for the back and the AC needs recharging.

Things you should know: Wiper works only on one speed (very slow) will not be useful in rain.  Lexan side windows have no window regulators can be removed or installed quickly by removing door side panels but will not go up or down, the doors have tubular frames inside so the regulators can be easily installed (manual or electrical). Speedometer was wrongly connected during the engine installation and will need correct hookup.

The car will be sold only 'as is and where is' without any warranties, the buyer will be entirely responsible for all the shipping arrangements, taxes, duties, inspections, registration, etc. The full payment must be received before the car will be shipped.

Due to the previous experience with dishonest buyers I will NOT take the car outside of garage, there will be no 'test drives', or starting the engine, until the car is fully paid for.

Located Canada

List of new parts installed on the car before it was parked for the winter.

Wiring harness,
Clutch (with clutch spring),
Clutch bearing,
Brake caliper assembly Front Left,
Brake caliper assembly Front Right,
Brake caliper assembly Rear Left,
Brake caliper assembly Rear Right,
Brake pads Front,
Brake pads Back,
Brake rotors Back,
Brake rotors Front,
Parking brake main cable (the long one),
Parking brake cable Left (short),
Parking brake cable Right (short),
Stabilizer bar Front rebuilt kit,
Complete exhaust system,
Engine cradle (reconditioned),
Engine mount (lower),
Transmission mount Front,
Transmission mount Rear,
Alternator belt,
Air Compressor Belt,
AC pump (reconditioned),
Windshield washer pump and reservoir,
Battery cables and battery holder/mount,
Oil filter,
Fuel filter,
Air filter,
Transmission axle seals (left and right),
Manual transmission fluid,
All Spark plugs,
Engine oil,
Antifreeze (13 liters)
Engine (used)
Transmission (used)


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