Okay I hate to do this but I must part with this car. I have over 40k in this car. Here are the details Professionally built on an 1986 Pontiac Fiero chassis, stretched to exact dimensions. The engine came from a 2006 GTP "with bill of sale". I am including every part I have for this car. It is so close to being done, but I have to sell because I'm building other projects and need the money. I have the replica dash, headlight covers, replica Lamborghini gauge, replica Lamborghini wheels, leather seats, new carpet engine performance parts, and countless other parts. The only thing it needs is a new windshield. The one it has will work but needs to be cut. I also have the side windows, but will need some modification to work. Real Lamborghini OEM taillights bought for $2600!

I can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states Or you can come pick up yourself.

-Triangle G24 Lp640 complete kit "painted white"
-doors installed with lift shocks
-hood opens with installed lift shocks
-trunk open with installed lift shocks
-door glass installed
-transparent deck lit glass kit
-Fiero frame professionally stretched to 10.3 inches
-installed head light lenses
-5 getdrag spd manual transmission "comes with new clutch and flywheel"
-OEM/real Murcielago tail lights
-OEM/real Murcielago grills
-current motor i4 iron duke engine.
-3800SC II engine 7,005 miles can prove it with bill of sale. "not installed"
-3800SCII to Fiero motor mounts
-3800SCII custom engine harness and tune ECU/PCM
-19' custom Lambo replica wheels
-Door cards, center console, cluster housing, side mirrors, rear quarter glass/plexi
-Diablo windshield "needs to be custom cut to perfectly fit"
-Removable/Detachable racing steering wheel
-NRG quick release set
-Keyless remote door popper kit
-New clutch OEM
-Custom Purple Reign motor mounts
-Modified 3800SCII flywheel and bolts
-New fuel performance pump
-Replica Lamborghini styles seats with logo with brackets
-Adjustable dog bone for 3800SCII engine
-New Fiero black carpet

Only thing to get this to run is install the new motor. Other then that it pretty much ready to go. The Interior carpet, seats, dash, center console is temporarily installed. The interior is 90% done, needs new seats, steering wheel and carpet installed. Selling for 21k firm




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