(Owner decided not to sell)

              **AD RETRACTED** 2010 LP640 Murcielago Roadster Replica. 4.6liter Cadillac DTS engine with a supercharger producing 450 hp It has a 6 speed Cayman S transaxle bough new from Porsche dealer. Front and rear brakes are 2008 zo6 corvette 6 piston 14" front and 4 piston 13" rear It stops on a dime. It has a lift system just like the real one. Also it has functional bat wings that raise up letting more air into the radiators that are mounted in the back. This car has 5 radiators, three to cool the engine with two located in the rear and one on the right. Two radiators in the front acting as inter cooler for the supercharger.  asking 95,000,00 U.S. Dollars



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