SOLD:  2002 silver on gray Lamborghini Diablo Replica. Asking $35k, this car will sell quickly. Located in Avondale, Arizona. I decided to sell both of my Lamborghini replicas because between me and my new wife, we have too many cars. Bought the car in 2005. 1994 Cadillac north star engine. This car is great, it has automatic everything. Automatic pressurized Lamborghini doors. Doors open three ways, by the push of button on inside console, by keyless entry on remote, and by emergency manual latch on inside of car. The hood of engine is also electronic. Car has air conditioner and a very nice 6 cd changer audio system. This car is top of the line folks. All gauges also work plus front and back lights. Also it has a very nice hand stitched replica Lamborghini interior. I mean it really looks amazing. I also just had about $8,000 worth of work done on it. I don't like selling stuff unless it works right. The car still needs a little more work though, I had it running for a couple of months, then it also blew a head gasket on the engine. I don't feel like getting it fixed and rather just sell it as is. Like I said it needs head gasket fixed and it also needs a button for the driver side automatic window fixed plus the audio system has to be wired back to the battery I promise it works when it is properly connected though, the last mechanic unhooked it, besides that the car works great. It is amazing owning one of these cars, everywhere you go people smile and wave at you. People walk up to you from nowhere. It is a great networking vehicle.





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