LAMBORGHINI DIABLO ROADSTER 1999 REPLICA. Specially built for the ‘RED LINE MOVIE’ in 2005. Chassis is an extended 1986 Fiero. Engine is the stock Fiero 2.8 V6 with about 136000 Miles. According to the builder it had been overhauled in 2005 and had about 5000 miles on it when I bought it in 2010. Since then,  I have driven it about 2000 miles without any problems. It has a small Lamborghini engine cover for that part of the engine which can be seen through the vent in the engine cover. Transmission is a GETRAG 5 speed with trouble free operation. Suspension, steering and front axle are standard Fiero adapted to the Diablo body. I believe the body is the one of NERC which used to make the best fiberglass replica Diablo kits. Dash has digital instruments which all work fine. The car is 99% ready with many special details as : trunk in the front and rear, remote controlled doors, windows up and down, front and rear trunk, Engine hood, gas door and both entry doors. Removable hard top can be mounted on top of the engine hood when not in use. The car has a clean Florida title as a Pontiac Kit make. Missing are air condition (compressor is installed) and the linkage with electric motor for the wiper. Radio is not connected to the speaker because of the missing control head of the AC.  $43,900.00.

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