1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition kit car, tagged as a 1985 Pontiac Fiero so insurance is cheap! This one is closer to being done than most. The car starts right up and runs great. The conversion was done with care and the car doesn't run hot.

* 67,850 mi
* 6 cylinder engine, that doesn't smoke or use oil. Runs like new.
* 5 speed transmission with no problems.
* Excellent cold air conditioning.
* Great sounding fancy radio.
* Hydraulic lifters for front end.
* Has wide Lambo wheels, and fat almost new naughty tires.
* The car has two heavy duty titanium batteries.
* Front and rear cooling fans.
* Working headlights/taillights/signals, windshield wipers.
* Turbo Charger for even more obscene power and speed. (Worth $5000)
* Rear backup camera.
* It is also equipped with a hidden electrical kill switch that disables the entire power system for theft control, even if you had the key to the ignition you would not be able to start the car.
* Has Lambo pop-up doors, which operate from the alarm key fob.
* Under lights.
* Floor mats
* Car phone
* Radar detector
* Manual
* Sheep skin cover for drivers seat, almost brand new.

The car has a few issues, as do all custom car designs. There's an added extra engine fan (didn't really need it - we believe in overkill perfection). One or two places needs some easy touch up paint. Side windows are Plexiglas & do not roll down. A great future project.

$17,500  -Tina.   Buyer is responsible for transporting vehicle from Chloe, West Virginia. Car is being sold AS IS, no warranty or refund.



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