SOLD  1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition Replica - $13,900  

(needs a new engine due to a blown head gasket)




Description: This beautiful replica is built on a stretched and widened 1986 Pontiac Fiero frame and has a 1993 Cadillac Northstar 32 valve 300 HP 4.6 liter V8 engine, 4 Speed Automatic Transmission with RWD, Tilt Steering, Black and Yellow Leather Interior with no rips or tears, Curved Glass Windshield (not the cheap flat kind), Computer Control Console, Newer 1 P Zero Pirelli 225/50 R15 Front and 345/35 R15 Back Tires, 4 Centerline Alloy Rims, C/V Axles and Boots, Rear Coil Over Springs Suspension, Side Port Cooling and A/C, Twin Exhaust, Dual Power Antennas, Dash Mounted Back-up Camera, Key-less Entry, Power Pop-up Doors, Pop-up Headlights, Fog Lights (all lights work) Pop-out Upper Door Windows, 3-point Safety Harnesses, cooled by 3 radiators (1 in front and 2 on each side of the engine). This car has dual exhaust and it sounds like the real thing. It is in very good condition for a 1993 built replica. It is a real head-turner! It is very well-suited for an auto mechanic who restores classic cars. Winter stored in a heated garage. Clean CarFax and AutoCheck Reports available upon request.


Engine Problems: The head gasket blew in this car after it was accidentally driven for too long with the two rear cooling fans turned off. I installed fan on-off switches so the car would warm up faster on cold days and then forgot to turn the fans back on. Big Mistake. There is now coolant in the oil and because this car was a daily driver and has over 100,000 miles on the engine and the starter inside the engine needs work, it would be best to just replace the engine with a new starter in it.

Here are some places that sell remanufactured Northstar Engines for around $4000: Engines&txtPart=CA4.6


History: I was told this car was professionally built and completed between 1993 and 1995 (CarFax history shows this). With help from my American brother-in-law I purchased this car in October of 2006 in Oakwood, Georgia for $24,000 USD and then stored it in Great Falls Montana for 8 months (water drained). In June of 2007 it was imported to Canada on a Temporary Admission Permit. I then put another $5000 into the car but could not register it in Canada due to being unable to prove it was built at least 15 years ago, even though I paid the GST on it of $1620.83. I am now selling this car because I can’t afford to replace the engine in it and I need the money to pay back taxes.


Current Value in Parts is $17,000: The fibreglass body alone is worth $10K, perfect curved glass windshield $1K, no leak good grip tires and alloy rims $3K, leather seats and interior $1K, transmission and drive train $1K, stretched and widened frame and other parts $1K = $17,000 in parts.


Easy Importation: This car was imported to Canada on a Temporary Admission Permit granted to restore the car (the Value For Tax at that time was $25,347.10). However, it was never registered in Canada so importing it back to the US will be easy. Note to Canadian Buyers: You may now be able to prove the car was built at least 15 years ago and register it in Canada after it passes a mechanical inspection.   

Terms: Certified Check, Bank Transfer or Money Order (certified check or money order will be verified by calling the bank using Directory Assistance) Note: banks don't normally loan money on “kit cars”, so if you need a bank loan you will need other equity). No warranty, sold as-is.


Other Known Mechanical Issues: Fuel gauge does not work, pop-up head lights no longer work (can be manually put in place), emergency brake needs to be reconnected, rear window has a crack in the corner (see photo), side cooling fans have some pieces broken off the blades (see photo), makes a clicking sound for about 8 seconds when you shut off the engine because the computer is trying to reset the throttle (holding the gas pedal down prevents the sound). Chip off lower passenger door and crack along right rear bumper and wheel well (see photos). Dash could be re-upholstered or leather tightened. Needs a better stereo (has AM FM cassette). Has a short somewhere in the wiring that will cause the battery to die after a few days unless it is un-hooked. AC needs to be recharged. Water leaks through doors if taken through a car wash or driven in pouring rain. Needs a new battery. Note: Not suited for anyone over 6' tall unless you put in lower seats and/or reduce the padding on the roof, which is 2 inches thick.

Insurance: This car is cheap to drive as my Classic Car insurance on this car is under $300 a year.


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