1999 Diablo Roadster Replica

Engine: Custom 350 V8 (450 hp)
Carburetor: Fuel Injection, yes I know it looks naturally aspirated, but it is a Fuel Injection system
Transaxle; Porsche 930 4 speed transaxle, to handle the horse power
Suspension: Adjustable coil overís all round, front air shocks with on board compressor.
Brakes: All Power disk brakes
Cooling: 3 radiators, one up front with fan and two smaller radiators in the rear
Windows: Power windows
Paint: 6 coats of color, 3 clear, buffed cut and polished

Special Features: The car has push button start, twin batteries in the rear under the removable wing. VDO gages, two gas tanks. Hydraulic clutch, stereo with TV. Full size tires Pirelliís 18 inch 335s on the rear and 295s on the front. More pictures available of the build, e-mail me and I will send you the link.

Please NO TRADES, cash only, no games. I have been collecting replica cars for over 20 years and made a decision years ago to sell off my collection, hence the Roaster replica for sale. All the dreamers or low ball offers, look, drool but do not waist my time or yours, no funny money or western union, I am not a fool. I have no issue saying this is one of the best Lamborghini replica Roadsters ever made.  $52,000




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