Lamborghini Diablo Replica

This is the actual AOL 30th Anniversary Lamborghini Diablo replica that is one of the best in the country. Was set up to be a every day driver/100% dependable and is finished. The money spent on this car to replicate has been mind blowing. Many high end details, that only a few can match. Car has been in many cruise inns and car shows. Draws a crowd from all ages and puts a smile on everyone's face.
Some of the details:
Fuel injected V6
Auto transmission (looks like standard shift)
Custom suspension
V12 Carbon fiber engine cover
4 wheel disc brakes
Cold air intake
Ac / Heat
240 MPH speedometer
All Glass Power windows/ Mirrors
Alpine stereo / DVD player
Built in radar detector
Beautiful Tan leather interior
Remotes that open all doors and trunks
I am NOT looking for any trades at this time. Please call for those who are interested in purchasing an amazing car.

$44,995 -James


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