LP 640 Lamborghini Roadster reproduction, Built by Tri-Angle (professional replica not a back yard build), 1988 Fiero tub, complete sub frame, 5 Speed, 3.1L V6 (rebuilt), Coil over shocks all 4 wheels, 4 wheel disk brakes, Rear 20 inch tires, front 19 inch, Rims custom black powder coat, Custom interior, dead on reproduction of the original, Over the top Kenwood Stereo, Mono steering wheel, Twin exhausts, Pop up doors with remote I have been collecting replica cars for 25 years and will say without a doubt this is the best of the best. A few years ago a decision was make to sell off my collection, one car each season, so no trades, no games please. She is titled as a 1988 Pontiac Fiero, insured as such for $75k. Some questions you might have. Is there air-conditioning, yes. Is there heat, yes. Do all the lights work, yes. Do the wipers work, yes. Does the car have power windows, no it is a California roadster. Does the car have a convertible top, yes, it has a canvas top that sits in the trunk and snaps into place if need be, I have never used it. Do all the gages work, all work, with one exception, the tack is intermittent, not sure why. How fast does she go, fast enough to get you in trouble. Does the gas cap work, yes has a mechanical release. Miles since completion 1780 miles or about 3500 km. $60 000 US.



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