1994 Lamborghini Diablo Replica. 10 Year build. Reliable, can be used as a daily driver. Over 13,000 proven kilometers since completion. Car has been on the road for 4 summers mainly for taking to car shows. Built on a clean highly modified 1985 Fiero GT for easier registration/insurance purposes. Exact dimensions molded off of original car. Pop up headlights, Alfa Romeo Steering column with OEM key and signal stocks. AC/ Front air lift for speed bumps or steep driveways. Upgraded vented brakes 12” front and 10.250” rear. Power windows, alarm with power locks/power mirrors/ Alpine stereo system with Alpine back up camera. GM L67 3.8 V6 series 2 supercharged engine mounted longitude to an Audi 5 speed transaxle. Twin 3 core aluminum radiators in rear ducted with OEM Spal fans. Car does not run hot in any conditions. Following parts are OEM Lamborghini…… Rims/all lights/ badges/ power window switches/ignition key/Door lock buttons and handles/gauge pod/gauges/tunnel panel switches/dash vents with bulls/cigarette lighter/radiator fans/rear bumper boots. One of a kind exact functioning OEM replica climate controller. Car sounds amazing via true dual exhaust with Flowmaster muffler. Car gets a lot of attention and most people cannot tell it apart from the real car. Thousands of hours went into this build with over $40,000.00 worth of OEM parts and materials. Completed replicas like this do not come up for sale very often.  $55,000.00 CDN (Canadian dollars, approx. $42,000 USD)  -Jesse




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