SOLD:  Exact dimension of the 1994 anniversary edition Diablo in Red. This car is 100% complete runs great and looks really good, I have the entire history and all the receipts of all the parts that have been updated as well as as the original professional appraisal placed at $65,000. This Diablo runs cool, does not overheat, no smoke or oil leaks, the engine is a 2.8 liter five speed Fiero and it has bored out therefore the car is really fast and it purrs when accelerating, it sounds like the real thing. I will be as descriptive as possible, It will need rear tires very soon, due to loss of power when AC was running I got that disconnected as well as the heater since I do not drive it in the winter time, the radio is a flip up unit but it will need checked out I think a ground wire is off, there is a custom cabinet built behind each seat with subwoofer installed. Although the car runs cool the temp on the digital dash gives the wrong reading but all the other gages work fine, maybe the temp gage wire is loose.  All lights work and everything else work as expected, the car is inspected and it is registered as a 2011 Lamborghini, I have the tile on hand and will consider all fair offers, I have much invested in this car and it is a turnkey car not like some of this "projects" you see around, there are some minor scratches and a couple areas when the louvers is the paint is cracking.



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