SOLD: Ferrari F430 coupe. Built on a 2001 Toyota Celica GTS. 147k miles . No frame stretching was required as the wheel base is exact same as original Ferrari. Fully loaded car, power windows , power locks, cold AC ! heat, and lots of carbon fiber accents. Expensive Braun seats in British tan. ( burnt orange ) everything works as it should. Fun fast and reliable 2001 Toyota 2zz engine automatic also has optional paddle shifting. same exact motor lotus borrowed from Toyota for the exige, with CAI pushing over 200hp in a 2500 lbs car. Do the math. It's quick and handles excellent. Reliable and can be driven home if desired. Paint is approx 2 yrs old , paint is Dodge Viper metallic blue. Will come with Ferrari Scuderia front nose OEM part. Has updated Ferrari 458 hood and lights. Replicated with white xenon. Brakes are Stop tech racing rotors cross drilled , not fakes as on some. Carbon ceramic pads. New Porsche 911 muffler and exhaust , sounds incredible . With 8000 rpm redline. New tires, Miro 19"rims rear , 18 " front. Will come with many expensive Ferrari OEM , parts, intake plenum , air box , Comes with a book with complete build pictures. Serviced completely, oil, belt , coolant flush, new coil packs. NOW ONLY $32,000. Will help with shipping or you can drive it home.      



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