SOLD: Lamborghini Diablo replica kit car. ***Transaxle has been sold and so no longer included with this car. Will sell now WITHOUT transmission/transaxle even though it may seen in some pictures*** I also have a genuine Lamborghini Diablo gauge cluster mounting panel to include with the car and I will add that picture later, no gauges but is the dash plate and gauge surround plate for the gauges to fit in. Bill of sale included for when you get this car inspected issuing a Title. You can call your local License and Theft Bureau for details for building your own replica, as a lot of people do not use donor cars and build their own chassis of which DOT DMV will assign a VIN when a title is issued for the car. This is not a stretched Fiero but rather a total custom professionally built tubular chassis. The difficult precision heavy duty chassis work has been completed as pictured and is not something cheaply done, but is rather an impressive work of art with all the x braces bends and welds all professionally done and fabricated. The chassis was completed when I purchased the car but it is obvious it is of highest quality, professionally and precisely fabricated and tailored for this car. The body is not permanently mounted to the custom frame, and can be removed if need be Windows and glasses, of which are available presently and I have that contact information for you. The interior door panel fiberglass panels, not pictured, are also included. I also have a set of door latches/locks to go with the car. ****I also have contact information for a gentleman that does nice quality work and has the 2 piece side mirrors and tail light bezels and buckets, 3 piece door panels and other interior and exterior parts. Everything is hinged including the pop up headlights.  Asking $9,500.00


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