LATEST PHOTOS, new tan leather interior

Professionally built DNR Lamborghini Diablo SV None other like it. 5 speed manual, New Fuel injected Ramjet V-8 365 HP 400 ft. lbs. torque. Dual rear radiators in the correct spot, funneled just like the original. No overheating. Trans and oil coolers. Carpeted trunks front and rear. All Held motorsports racing components underneath all powder coated. Including adjustable coil over shocks, control arms, sway bars etc... Corvette Steering column, Corvette brakes, Cross drilled rotors ,not the fake one you see on most. all new. Even has wheel wells, a rarity on most. OEM Lamborghini parts everywhere also including real Lamborghini AC ( not replica). Lamborghini E brake OEM not Fiero Lamborghini Seat belts. Lamborghini lights front and rear all work. Even has heated seats.  $42,000     




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