SOLD: 1988 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary This is car your mama warned you about! 450 Horsepower 355 CI SBC V8, 5 speed Getrag transmission. No expenses spared on this car. Cost approx $75,000 to build plus I put an additional $15,000 since Iíve had it. This car looks fantastic! The car was professionally built and stretched by Exotic Illusions in Pennsylvania. The owner, Demitrios Koroneos built the car personally. It is the correct length and height. It has wheel well covers (most replicas do not have them). It has OEM Lamborghini curved side glass and curved front windshield. The lower door windows are removable as well. Paint is in great condition, paint quality is extremely high. No corners cut. Grilles are durable steel and do not bend or become warped in the sun. All the lights on the car work and headlights function like the real deal. The car actually has a spare tire! I have never seen a Countach replica that has a spare. The doors are very well hung, open and close properly. The doors, trunk engine hood and front hood all are electronic. The doors do have a manual open for emergencies. I just spent $6,000 6 months ago adding a 180 degree exhaust system with Borla XR-1 mufflers. I have only seen one other Countach replica with 180 degree exhaust on it. All custom, hand built, sounds fantastic!!!! Makes the V8 sound like a V12.

The Interior looks like the original and is red and black. Sony sound system with amp behind the passenger seat with a subwoofer. Lighted VDO gauges with the Lambo emblems. Euro Lambo sound horn. Lambo floor mats. Lamborghini replica dash, center console, air vents, shifter aluminum gate, and seat belts.

Negatives about the car:
Small spider web stress crack on the rear bumper, no one has actually noticed it but me.
Engine has a few minor oil leaks. Doesnít smoke or anything so I didnít think it needed a fix.
Shifting into first is kinda tricky so the shift cable probably needs to be adjusted.
AC needs a new compressor, have not had the time to get to it. Worked when I got the car but the compressor was on its way out at that time. Heat works fine.
It takes 45 min to get gas because everyone wants to take a picture of it. Also, hard to go fast because folks are taking video and pictures of the car while you are driving and wonít get out of the way. This one is my wifeís negative; every woman wants to talk to you. I kinda saw that as a positive but whatever.
If you donít like attention, donít buy this carÖ

With all of that said, I have too many toys and the wife says something must go. The car is just like a real Countach when it comes to driving, you canít see out of the back very well, pain in the butt to back up but looks really cool while your sitting on the door sill out of the car backing down the driveway! I donít drive it hardly at all, just to car shows and to lunch once in a blue moon. I mainly used it as a garage ornament. Hard to get rid of your neighbors when you have the garage door open! Not many of these exact dimensions replica Countachís for sale anymore. Collectors have grabbed them up and are not selling. You can still find the non-stretched ones for sale but they just donít look as good. Asking $36,000






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