FOR SALE: 2nd Gen G28. Created and factory stretched by Triangle G. cost $15,000.00.   Features include: Professionally installed supercharged 3800 with a Sinister performance harness cost $5000.00. Urethane engine mounts cost $400.00. Polished stainless steel valve cover Eibach lowering springs, rears are not installed but come with the car cost $500.00. New Struts, Shocks Performance air cleaner. Under vehicle cross bracing from IFG that makes the car stiff as a coupe cost $2500.00.  Leather interior cost $4000.00.  Replica wheels cost $4500.00.  Convertible top that folds and fits in the trunk (only one in existence). Hard top (Fiberglass) not fitted. White Pearl paint cost $2000.00. Working windshield wiper cost $300.00. Remote operated rear engine hatch and trunk latch cost $400.00. Third brake light Replica rear lights Cost 1000.00. Carbon fiber replica engine cover and real carbon fiber details cost $300.00. Stainless exhaust resonators, Roller skate wheels under the front bumper to aid low ramp access. Removable front bumper. Rear scoops are fixed but are separate and could be made to operate. No audio, but I am including assorted stereo components and replica caliper covers go with the car. Markalon high heat clear plastic sheet for the engine window. Nissan window regulators to create working side windows in the future. The donor car had A/C and could be connected later if you desire. I acquired this car several years ago as a coupe and finished it to the current condition. VIN SW138864PA. The power of the Supercharged engine will put a grin on your face that never gets old! Car is strong, fast and does not overheat. There are no side windows as it is a California roadster but I am including the regulators so that when you find suitable glass you can install them. 
 Asking $27,500  -Seth


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