1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th anniversary Replica 600hp MONSTER!!!! The car body built by IFG and it is stretched to correct dimension as the real one. This car has mechanic scratch their heads when they see it. The car has well over $70k dollars invested into it so far and have all receipts. This car is not for everyone, I bought it with intention of redoing couple things on it and finish the last details but decided to let it go to someone who can truly appreciate the work and engineering that has been put into it. Everything is new on the car and literally has no miles aside for driving it around for test drive or around shop.
-Completely custom chromed and polished 2000 Chevy Corvette LS1 V8 motor with Lingenfelter LS6 roller cam and heads. Engine mounted longitudinally like on the real car.
-Higly modified TH-425 (1971 Cadillac Eldorado) transmission with 3500 stall. Extensive engineering put into this to make it work perfect.
-MSD ignition and MSD coils
-Edelbrock dual carb intake
-TWO 650 Holley carburetors
-Nitrous system (bottle not installed yet but system ready and bottle filled)
-Huge Wilwood 6 pistons brake all around with13" cross drilled and slotted rotors on all four corners
-All tubular a arms suspension with polyurethane bushings
-coil over suspension
-Large BeCool radiator with Flexalite electric fan mounted in the front, previous owner stated will need to improve air flow to the engine to help it run cooler.
-custom dashboard with all digital gauges, (speedometer and temp not hooked yet)
-optima red top battery. Also included is on board battery charger.
-All beautifully engineered and designed custom headers and BORLA exhaust system that sounds very mean.
-Wheels are custom made and imported from Image wheels UK, with BFGoodrich tires. These cost $6500

Way too much to list, the car is one of a kind. Has few things need to be finished, headlight don't always go down on their own (possible new switch needed), one fog light not working, paint has scratches from moving around shop, should be touched up better or repainted. Mostly needs some final details to finishes it. A lot of additional parts included with the car, as well all paperwork.  $35,000 obo.















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