FOR SALE: Countach 5000S Replica. Built by Exotic Illusions, in business over 37 years! Built on a rust free 86 Fiero. The donor car was was completely disassembled of all suspension front & rear and the engine & transmission were taken out. Also, fuel tank came out. All parts were cleaned painted ,and all new suspension were used! New all urethane bushings front & rear including for away bar & end links. Engine was rebuilt "30 over" with new pistons all new valve train & hotter cam! The auto trans also rebuilt. A new sending unit and fuel pump installed with new fuel hoses, and stainless braided fuel lines to throttle body. All new brake parts front & rear! With rebuilt half shafts, the pan was also painted. The interior is all done in leather we used V.D.O. Instruments, a alarm with remote doors, a Jensen 7 flip screen, blue tooth I pad, I phone, USB, DVD, also a back up camera that can be used at anytime on demand by switch! A JVC amp& 4 speakers good sound! The complete kit was hand laid by me Demetrios. My kits are the only ones with inner panels for front hood, engine cover and trunk lid! So they can be painted same as car!All panels fit perfect, all gaps are even. We used Corvette C5 electric mirrors, a curved windshield, replica wiper arm, pop up headlights, road lights, tail lights are original LAMBO. Custom built centerline aluminum wheels that are now powder coated gloss black! All the aluminum grills are powder coated satin black. All new AC parts were used, it is cold! A Griffin 3 aluminum radiator was used can handle a V8! & a 16 3,200 c.f.m. Fan! The GM gloss black paint is a 99% the fit and finish on interior & exterior is first rate! All panels are even with even gaps! It took over a year to do this build, no short cuts here! Have close to $55K in this car Sell for $35,000.00, need cash to do another build! Questions call Demetrios at (570) 876-1355 or email: 


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