SOLD:  2000 Lamborghini Diablo replica Roadster.  This has been my dream forever, but its time to go. I have had a few of these cars ,and this, is one of the better ones, for sure. I just don't have time or space. 350 v8 plenty of power with a Kelmark transmission. Will need a new slave cylinder, the one in now is leaking. should be able to bleed the system ,to drive it onto a hauler, if needed.

Will come with / needs installed: wiper arm/ still needs a little fabrication work, 2 fiberglass seat shells, fiberglass roof panel, Mazda Miata roof latches, mirror shells, 2 pc rear inner fender wells, vent mesh for upper quarter panel, replica ac unit, rear bumper temporarily mounted for transport will need an alignment, car is set up for airbags, you will need glass from Ron Dolling in Canada / possible glass from Astro van will work, battery-dead, gauges wired, slave cylinder, upholstery, bodywork, fiberglass, paint.

Good stuff: power steering, 1.5" round tube frame for windshield, door jams made to look factory-still needs finish work, Fenders cut and flanged, to be bolted on like the factory car, Front trunk hinged and latched, window motors installed, rear trunk and engine cover hinged (no latch), hard parts are done.

This roadster will look amazing when completed, I just do not have the time or resources (space) to complete.I can give a bill of sale with this car, NO TITLE, you will have to check with your state on how to get it titled once completed. I had to list something in the description. I am sure I am missing several items, so please feel free to email me any questions or concerns you may have. I highly recommend you come look at it for yourself. Please look at all pictures and decide for yourself. Roadster Replica sold as-is. Cash in person or cashiers check accepted. Car will not leave until it clears. This is a modified Corey Davis kit, with a super nice tube chassis... No Fiero was used in the making of this car. AGP glass can be used as well, will have to be cut though I believe.    Asking 15k



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