EDM California Countach Replica

Mid-engine, Full size, Rear wheel drive, two passenger, two door Lamborghini Countach Replica

Engine type: Longitudinally mounted mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette V8, tuned port small block 350 cu. In. (bought in crate, zero miles).

Drive train: Modified Porsche transaxle, type 915 (911) five speed manual, modified and built by AASE Brothers. Utilizes Porsche trailing arms and brake assemblies with coil over shocks.

Chassis: Full size double ladder wall, powder coated, formed heavy wall round steel tubing, MIG welded.



96.46 in 99.0 in.


162.99 in 164.0 in.


74.28 in 83.0 in.


42.13 in 41.0 in. at roof, wing 44.0 in.

Curb weight

3,280 lb LP5000QV 2500 lbs. approx.

Project car. Requires completion.


Engine complete with Kennedy adapter, starter, and wiring harness installed.

Porsche transaxle and trailing arms

Body and insulated body tub

Cooling system, radiator and electric fans, coolant res.

Weld brand race rims, brake lines, booster, 4 wheel disc

Windshield washer, wiper motor and mechanism

Shifter mechanism, (Bell Atlantic race series equipment)

Halon system

Dash gauges

Steering wheel, column

Air conditioning system

Gas tanks (2)

Rear coil over shocks

Headlights and motors installed, but need completion

Doors hung, latches installed

Body vent mock-ups

Exhaust and exhaust headers in place, (mock-up only)

Safety harnesses

Hood and trunk hinged and cable open latches in place

Car ran and drove on the street, (testing only, not road worthy) but has been sitting for many years. Never outside, always stored indoors. Needs completion, no glass or upholstery.

The car is located in Temecula, California. $24,500 -John


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