I am selling this project and would very much appreciate any info I can get on the company and this particular model. I do know it was made in 1988 and is the "California Countach" body #3. It is a copy of the 1988.5 LP 5000 S Lamborghini Countach. It has all the special body parts for the 5000 S model. I already have it accepted to be auctioned on Bring A Trailer.

Here is a link to many more pictures of the car and parts:

Here is what I know about it from the research I have done: Exotic Dream Machines 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S Replica Made in 1988 by Exotic Dream Machines (EDM), this is likely the only unfinished 1988 Lamborghini Countach 5000 S Replica. This is the third of the reportedly three �California Countach� replicas made by EDM in 1988. It uses a computer designed dual plane, tubular chassis engineered to place the engine longitudinally and mounted to a transaxle. It is designed so that it can be completely assembled and tested without a body. The interior is also larger than a real Countach, easily accepting 6� tall drivers. The front suspension (not included) will use a complete 84-87 Pontiac Fiero front end. Chosen for its rack & pinion steering, disc brakes, sway bar, and tilt steering column with all of its controls. The rear suspension (not included) is Porsche 930 trailing arms, bearing carriers, disc brakes, axles and sway bars. It is designed for dual fuel tanks and the engine coolant runs through selected tubes of the custom tubular frame to the three radiator locations. Windshield glass will need to be sourced from a Ford Aerostar van, all the rest of the glass is included. OEM Lamborghini front, side and tail lights are included with all the off the shelf parts sourced from OEM domestic manufacturers and aftermarket companies. You can build this as the coupe it is or make a roadster out of this with the extra doors. It will need to be titled as a Special Construction Vehicle and will be sold on a bill of sale. The turnkey car EDM made weighed in around 2500 pounds and was priced at $42900 in 1988.  Included is a 5 speed ZF Synchroma 5 DS 25/2 H-pattern Gearbox/Transaxle serial number 2892. It is a 1971 model sourced from a Pantera and comes with all the associated parts taken from the Pantera including, shifter assembly, connecting shafts, pedal box/brake assembly, 3 bell housings and other associated parts. The ZF DS-25/2 gearbox was used in cars like the Ford GT40, DeTomaso Pantera, BMW M1 and many other mid-engine supercars. Gear Ratios: 1st. 2.23, 2nd. 1.47, 3rd. 1.04, 4th. .846, 5th. .705, Rev. 2.86, Ring and Pinion 4:22. If you have any information on the company or interest in the car please contact: Jim Beard at:  PH 815-220-0756 or email:







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