SOLD:  1989 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach - based on a stretched Fiero body, GT motor and Fiero interior, automatic transmission. I have purchase lots of real Lamborghini parts from Italy to redo the interior of the car to make it more authentic as well as a variety of replica parts. I purchased a donor GT Fiero that is 5 speed stick to swap for the automatic that is currently in the car. The car runs and drives but the bottom end has a knock in it, this is why I figured I would just do a motor and transmission swap so.... or you could simply swap the bottom end from the donor car and drive it the way it is if you are not as fussy as me on redoing the interior to be more like the real one. I am asking $30,000 US or $39,000 CND for everything. I am located in Canada -Jason



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