SOLD: 1999 Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster replica. The color is Tangelo Pearl a House of Color product. And changes hue as light hits it differently. Built on a Fiero frame cut and stretched 11 inches. Brakes are upgraded over stock and includes pneumatic operated lift shocks in the front for those speed bumps. V-12 engine cover that I hand built and fitted to the engine compartment.  It quickly removes by pulling two pins in the front and removing two air ducts. And all engine fluids can be checked. Dual cooling fans under the engine bay to aid in removing heat from collecting under the cover. New fuel pump and Front and rear tires are Brand New! Perelli P-Zeros on the back. Car NEVER overheats. Windows are fixed Lexan and tinted. No A/C at this time but can be adde . Car drives straight as an arrow and ZERO bump steer. Engine is V-6 GM with excellent compression on all cylinders, burns no oil. Mated to a stock auto trans sporting a polished aluminum gated 6 speed manual shifter. Pop-out screen and CD player. Four point racing harnesses are installed.  Paint  is in excellent shape and has been corrected using the Rupes dual-action polisher and newest compounds for its Glass finish. 42K. South Nashville area.



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