Mercy-4 Sale#249 Includes interior, and exterior MERCY-4 R.T. (Removable top) complete fiberglass packages, plus accessories: Accessories Include: 2 gas Lamborghini door shocks that make the doors go up, 2 Lamborghini hinges with 2 roller pins that hinges the Lamborghini doors to the vehicle, 2 front headlight lenses, 4 headlight rings, 2 tail light housings for the Nissan Xterra tail-lights.  


Donor Car: '93-'02 Camaro, Firebird or Trans Am. NO STRETCH REQUIRED!

1. Body kit fits perfectly and attaches easily onto your donor car and all parts of the body kit fit, including doors, and all panels. Also the factory Lambo front and rear grill mesh fit perfectly into the Mercy-4. Also the kit is very smooth, so very little sanding is required for paint, this is because we spent a lot of time and money on the Mercy-4, fiberglass, first class, MOLDS. Also a 1996 Nissan Maxima windshield and 2000 Saturn, 2dr., Door glasses with window tracks fit and work easily and perfectly. Also 2005 Nissan Xterra LED tail lights fit easily in rear.

2. You get a powerful, GM, LS1, V8 motor thanks to your Donor car. Also the Firebird was designed to be a sports car so the trans., suspension, brakes, etc. are all heavy duty. Also a heavy duty, automatic or 6 spd. trans comes in donor car. Also lambo or Corvette wheels bolt easily to donor car, due to the same 5 bolt, bolt pattern.

3. You get a Removable Hard Top, and BAT-WINGS UP feature at no extra expense. And If you want a Hard Top you can simply fiberglass it shut. Rear spoiler add $450.00 and wooden shipping crate add $350.00.

4. The Mercy-4 doors are larger and therefore it is easy to make your power windows work.

5. NO STRETCH REQUIRED which saves time and money. There is only a three inch difference in the wheel base of the donor car and the real Lamborghini. The MERCY-4 is designed for you to complete easily and enjoy driving a powerful SUPER CAR replica and then resale for a profit. Also we can help you with any install questions you might have.

NOTE: This kit normally sales for $6,995.00 but is now on sale for only $4995.00.













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