FOR SALE:   Prova Countach. The car that is seen today is totally different to the one available in the 80s.. it may look identical but that's where all similarities stop.. The new bread of car is of a much higher quality, it has a professionally designed full tubular adjustable race chassis, with very high quality suspension components .. for reliability power and evocative sound - Audi power plants are being used - RS5 hi Reving screaming V8's and R8 Lamborghini V10's giving minimum power output of over 500bhp .. with the new curb weight of the car down to 900kgs using lightweight technology - doesn't take a genius to work out that the new power to weight ratio is simply breathtaking..
The car is packed full of electronics including Bluetooth, satnav, hi-fi, remote control doors. Which open remotely up to 60 ft away . And close remotely . Which is a feature not found on any other Countach etc but still retains the original looks down to every last detail including the retro interior .. The awkward seating position and pedal position have now been changed, The interior has been custom done to allow tall people to drive comfortably and the list of small but significant changes goes on and on... The car now handles and goes as well as it looks, it's fast and reliable with working heaters and all the creature comforts of a modern car allowing long distance journeys to be completed... Based on all of the above.

PROVA Countach Quote. Here is the breakdown on what is supplied at the 26,500 price mark:

Laser cut, painted, chassis with complete top and bottom wishbone set.

Billet aluminium front uprights with hubs, bearings and top and bottom ball joints.

Aluminium rear uprights with hubs, bearings and top and bottom ball joints.

Front discs with 6 pot calipers, rear discs with 4 pot calipers.

Brake lines installed, system filled and working.

Pedal box with master cylinders installed.

Twin fuel tanks fitted.

Internals bonded to car body fit to car.

Doors hung with side protection bars and locks fitted.

Bonnet and boot hung.

Engine lid hung.

Rear wing supplied but not fitted.

All glass supplied including side window frames, but not fitted.

Complete interior panels supplied but not fitted or covered in leather.

Parts to complete car as follows presuming you are supplying your own engine, gear box and Ecu and wiring loom. We can supply and fit the gearbox at extra cost.

Rear lights (Original Lamborghini) 725

Front indicators (Original Lamborghini) 225

Full Leather interior any color 2,950

Head light stepper motor lifters 350

Complete gas ram set 175

Radiators 425

Complete Lamborghini replica clocks 725

Complete set of grills in aluminum 865

Wiper motor and arm 375

Cable gear shift and H gate cnc machined 795 (the best gear shift on the market)

Bonnet catch 46

Boot catch 46

Engine bay catch 46

Original Lamborghini engine bay and boot catch 145

Steering rack 325

Steering rack custom extension 75

Rear original Lamborghini fog lamps 225

Interior light 45

Interior chrome ash tray (refurbished) 75

Set of steel wheels with replica covers same as our car on web site 2150

Set of 4 replica alloy wheels 4250

Tires price on asking.

Please note at present we are looking at a date around 26 weeks from receiving a deposit of 30 percent.

All prices are plus shipping.

Fully built turn key car 87k

Contact: Gerald



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