FOR SALE: 2007 Supercharged Series 3 with Only 60,000 original miles. Well maintained and driven sensually. Just stripped it completely, see pictures of bare body shell for idea to what extent. It has only been 3 weeks since is was running in the car. I dropped the complete front cradle with trans, axles, tires etc still intact. All wiring complete and basically intact and was labeled as to where everything goes including for windows, locks, etc, and is complete even with bulb sockets etc. Radiator, fans, ac condenser, everything. Basically everything including heater ac box assembly which I have already installed a new heater core and blower motor while access is easy for preventative maintenance. All ac lines, basically everything including steering wheel and shaft, air bag modules that mount in the front to trigger air bags etc. Just see pictures of stripped car and what you don't see is what you get minus interior upholstery such as seats etc. Priced at $3,700.00 for everything including pictures taken before, during and after. Contact me for more details at -Jason



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