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Caution: Lamborghinis under construction zone ahead!

This page features Lamborghini replicas under construction from the United States and Canada. Follow each link below to see dozens more photos of cars being built by some of our members. If you are building a car and you would like to display your craftsmanship here, simply email us your photos and a description. Members only please. Other international members welcome. Hard hat and safety glasses recommended.


Eagle, Wisconsin. This is an immaculate aluminum body Countach.  To see a selection of Ken's photos click here


Steve's carOntario, California. Diablo interior installation. Photos courtesy FNFAB.  Interior of a Creative Coach car being fabricated and installed at Lee Stonebraker Design. Click thumbnails to enlarge. Learn More

Gordon's carOntario, California. Big buck Diablo replica. Photos courtesy Lee Stonebraker Design.  To see a selection of photos of Lee's project click here


Brian's car

 Toronto, Canada. Brian's Diablo Body from scratch. Photos courtesy Brian Wolff. To see more photos of Brian's car click here


Spartanburg, South Carolina. Fiero Conversion. Photos courtesy Nathan Galloway. To learn more click here


$15 Dollar a Day make over. FNFAB's Diablo VT goes topless click here


Ontario, Canada. Wayne's Dream Car. Photos courtesy Wayne Fink. To see more pictures, click here


Alberta, Canada. David's Countach Project. Photos courtesy David Ledingham. To see more photos of David's car click here


Bob's CarDeerfield Beach, Florida.   Bob Rubenstein's Diablo. To see more photos of Bob's car click here


Paul's carAlberta ,Canada. Paul's Countach. Photos courtesy Paul Schile. To see more photos of Paul's car click here


Jeff Fenn's car Lawrence, Kansas. Jeff's Lamborghini. Photos courtesy Jeff Fenn. To see more photos of Jeff's car click here


Andy's carMiami, Florida. Photos courtesy Andy Abreu. To see a selection of the latest photos of Andy's car click here


John's carAjax, Ontario Canada. John's Countach.  Photos courtesy Brian Wolff. To see a selection of the latest photos of John's Countach click here


Lou's carMiami, Florida. Lou's Diablo. Photos Courtesy Big Lou and Bob Rubenstein. To see a selection of photos of Lou's purple car click here


Frank's CarAustin, Texas. Frank's Diablo. Photos Courtesy Frank Bongiorno. To see a selection of photos of Frank's car click here


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