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Build a Diablo with this ebook:

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Build a Diablo with this book:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo










For Sale



Hello, I'm selling my yellow Lamborghini Murcielago replica 2008 model. This is a one time life opportunity. This car is gorgeous and get extra attention not to say too much attention. I bought it about a year and half and I have been treating like a star because people want to take picture and everybody want to talk to me and turn head everywhere I go. This car looks good. I m selling it because of some personal issues. This Lamborghini has been built from a Pontiac Solstice 2008 and the mileage is very low so its almost a brand new car, running smooth, and drive fast, I spent some more money to custom design my car so it will look even better. The good thing is depending on your bank relationship, you might even be able to finance because that's what I did. Here are some of the pictures. I also have video but I will send it only by request. Please don't waste my time if not serious because I don't have time to waste. You can email me if serious and I will make sure I will reply to you in timely manner. Hurry up because I know it won't last long. Since I posted my car, I have been asked a few questions so I will try to answer them what is the mileage and is it registered? The mileage is 10525 and yes its registered how many miles did you drive it? This is my weekend car so I drove only 5000 miles do the Lamborghini doors have any problems? Both door are functional any problems with the windows, window motors, headlights, door locks, door door latches, door striker plates, overheating engine, clutch, gearbox, air condition, heat, etc? Everything that is listed are working perfectly anything need fixing on your Lamborghini? Only windshield wiper does it sound like a solstice? No , it sounds loud because I took it to a muffler shop to work on it because I like loud sound does it have a fully functional front windshield wiper? Windshield wiper was working but it stops working and I never tried to fix it because I barely drive it only week end. what does it look like under the front hood and engine? Please send engine and front trunk pictures. does it have inner wheel well covers on all 4 sides?  do all the wheels have spacers and upgraded calipers? No upgrade caliber how many gallons of gas can u fill it up with? I don't know how many gallons but I would say, i fill my car with 40 bucks. what gauge temperature does your Lamborghini show on hot days after driving the car hard and after long idling?  does it have a full underbody skid plate or partial skid plate? does your spoiler hit the road a lot? My spoiler never hit the road. does the title say Solstice or Lamborghini? The title say Solstice so it made easier on me to finance, when i purchase the car I financed it.. where is the VIN plate? Vin 1G2MG35X77Y137831 which shop built it? It has been built in LA. I don't know the name of the shop because I'm the second owner why are u selling it? For personal reason, everything work perfect on this car. Email:

FOR SALE 32,000 dollars



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