1988 Lamborghini Countach Replica. Here is your chance to own the dream car you
always wanted, but could never afford. In my opinion the Countach surpasses all other
exotic car designs and has been my favorite for many years. Way ahead of it's time when
it was designed. Back in the 1980's, this was the kind of vehicle you expected to see driving around in the year 2000. Now in 2011, more and more new cars are looking like mom's and grandma cars, all cookie-cutter designs. Ok, enough of that. Here are the specs on this vehicle.

This vehicle was created from a stretched 1987 Pontiac Fiero, by EXOTIC AUTO BOUTIQUE, in Brooklyn NY. The Fiero engine was replaced by a Buick V6 3800 engine.
I grabbed it from my local charity auction here in Los Angeles, where I usually go, so I don't know the past history. I engine is strong and I had my mechanic go over it, change the oil,
and tune it up. He also had the drive axles replaced, as well as the motor mounts, and tranny mounts. The rear pas. side wheel bearing/hub were replaced as well. New brake pads all around, and a new battery was installed. The vehicle turns on and sounds really nice. It drives well and is quick on the gas. Tranny shifts well, and brakes are good.


* Body is pretty solid with a Matador Red paint, in decent shape although there are scratches and scuffs throughout. All Lamborghini emblems are present including the "25th Anniversary" rear emblem. Comes with an older European License plate from France which disguises the rear camera. Lambo scissor doors lift up easily. Most of the weatherstrip is present. No rust on this body that I have found. The bottom was sprayed with rubber undercoating in areas, and looks very nice (see pics).

* Rear tires are BF GOODRICH 295/50R15 105S, front tires are: EURO RADIAL T/A 50H; 225/50R15 90H


* One of the things I liked right away about the interior is that it does not look like a Fiero. I've seen other Fiero based Lamborghini kits where the builders don't change out the original interior. This one is custom, and very elegant in it's simplicity. VDO guages on a black instrument console has a nice impact. Stereo, rear view monitor, map pocket, air vent, and lower climate controls round up the rest of the features. Polished aluminum shifter matches the Bull logo on the steering wheel. There are a series of light-up switches that control the fog lights, head lights, engine door, wipers, and wiper fluid. The seats are bolted in a fixed position as far as I can tell, but do fold forward. There are no rips or tears in any of the seats, dash, carpet or fabric. All lights come on, and headlights pop up (although the driver's side light motor needs some adjusting, and is not coming up now).

* This model has a removable top (see photo), which is kind of unique. Has a Night vision Rearview Color Camera installed for backing up that come on when you shift to reverse. Also the in-dash monitor display comes on at the same time. CD stereo with door speakers sound great. New VIPER ALARM SYSTEM with dual remotes and keyless door entry (door poppers), to enter the vehicle (as there are no key locks on the outside). There is also an in-dash button to pop open the engine lid. Windows in this model are fixed and do not go up or down.

* Rear trunk houses the new battery and has new black carpet. I also created a rain "run-off" gutter to keep water out of the trunk.

* Front trunk hoses the radiator/fans, wiper fluid reservoir, and brake reservoir. I also created a carpeted panel to hide the sand bags for added weight/stability.


* Rear view mirror is a small plastic version and flimsy; there are several scratches, scuffs, and paint chips throughout the body. Rear trunk brackets are mis-aligned and really need to be replaced/re-done. Deck closes and locks but has gaps. Cut holes around rear lights are not perfect. Front driver lower corner was repaired; All window moldings have gaps as they are made from multiple pieces, not one continuous piece. Some molding pieces are missing from the pas. window. Also, pas. window has a crack in the glass; Air Conditioning system is not hooked up, but I believe all components are there. Center caps on the wheels were fabricated. Wheels need to be polished better, and surrounding small bolts have surface rust on them. Has several areas where water drips in as you would expect from a removable top. The driver's door needs some minor adjustment as it sits a little high.

* I have the NY state title from the previous owner, titled as a 1987 PONTIAC FIERO. I also have the bill of sales that go with it. Apparently, with some states, registering a KIT CAR/REPLICA is separate operation from a normal car. You might be able to register this car as a Fiero or your state might have other requirements. I don't know about your state laws, please find out all you can before you even place a bid on this car.
* I started the process of registering this car in California but have not finished it, I even got the smog certificate for it.

**NOTE** This is a KIT CAR. Know what you are buying. As with all kit cars, many parts are from different cars/makes, and many parts are fabricated to create the kit car and make it functional. This is not a perfect car, it is a kit car. You will not be receiving an actual Lamborghini. This car looks awesome, but as with all cars, you will see flaws when you are close-up to it, as oppose to 10-15 feet away.

**SECOND NOTE** Before bidding on this car please check with your wife/husband first... or your dad or mom...or your financial advisor... or anyone else who might need to get funds for it. Don't make it a "surprise gift" and not have the funds.

Asking $22,000 or best offer




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