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Build a Diablo with this ebook:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo






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Build a Diablo with this book:

 Read the $15 a Day Diablo book $15 a Day Diablo








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Lamborghini Diablo by award-winning NAERC (North American Exotic Replica Cars), complete, comprehensive kit. One of the last Ken Esler’s Lamborghini Diablo roadster replicas built, a complete kit starting from windows to wiring to carpet pads, all the emblems—the whole package in perfect, original condition. In a market where many kit makers are notorious for poor fit & finish quality, NAERC was renowned and hailed as THE top shelf, top-of-the-line Lamborghini Diablo Roadster replica, bar none. The kit has been carefully kept in a climate-controlled garage in perfect condition. I originally wanted to build it for myself but I have no time to spare, so my loss is YOUR GAIN. Again, this NAERC kit is brand new never been touched as you see in the pictures all the parts are still packaged and have not been opened. Curt Scott, who has written about and published about replica cars, street rods and Cobras since the early 1980s, said that Ken Esler and his firm NAERC built far-and-away the absolutely best Lamborghini replica kits on the market; Curt was there and covering the awards ceremonies at the Knott’s Berry Farm in April 2007 when Ken and NAERC were awarded the association’s prestigious “Good Manufacturing Practices Award,” bestowed for excellence in manufacturing practices and product quality. $18,500 obo. Contact Danny at (347) 394-8716 EDT, or email:
Brooklyn, New York


The publisher makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, effectiveness, or completeness of this material and assumes no liability for damages, either incidental or consequential, that may result from the use of this information.

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