This beautiful Ferrari F40 Replica is powered by a mid engine mounted SBC 350 V8, like the original F40. The engine came from a Late model Corvette and was rebuilt by a performance shop for NASCAR circuit. We used a brand new Edlelbrock Performance series 750 CFM Carb on top of High Rise performance SBC 350 intake Manifold, 4 core high performance/capacity Aluminum Radiator, High performance electric water pump, all these engine parts were purchased new from Jegs. The SBC is mated to a 5 speed manual transmission with performance SPEC clutch using V8 Archie adapter kit. Archie V8 master kit was purchased but some of the parts were not used, we opted to use better performance parts such as the 4 core Aluminum radiator vs 3 core from the kit, high performance electric water pump, remote oil filter ect... This was built on a 1986 Pontiac Fiero with clean history. I purchased the replica half built with original Fiero engine and had the engine conversion done by a local performance/hotrod shop. I also purchased many original OEM parts that will be included for the Dash conversion listed below. I have a F40/50 dash and center console, OEM Ferrari F40 switches, OEM F40 switch-plate, OEM Ferrari gauges, some OEM Ferrari Lights, OEM Ferrari shift gate, I also had a Ferrari style engine cover made (still waiting the shop to return it and cannot promise if this will be included as it is missing with several other parts). I also have s set of brand new powered C5 side mirrors, Fans, oil cooler and other parts that was not installed. The F40 conversion is complete as shown in pictures, and the car runs and drives awesome. This is a gear-head conversion car with massive horse power for such a light body..... This F40 attracts attention every where you go. You can come and drive it away. This is one of a few beautifully completed running daily Ferrari F40 replica out there. -Josh


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