1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Replica
Beautiful 25th Anniversary Lamborghini Countach replica. Built on stretched Fiero GT. Has the 2.8L Fiero GT drive train which makes for easy maintenance. No issues with overheating which can be a problem with V8 replicas. Car was professionally built in 1996. I have owned since 2000. Making a long distance move, and this is reason for sale. Very accurate replica. Has real Lambo windshield, moldings, etc. Headlights are flip up. Side windows slide open like original. Nice interior. One thing that could use attention is the heater controls. They work fine, but are original Fiero and could stand to be updated to look more like Lambo. AC does not blow cold. Have never looked into the issue. Currently title as 1986 Fiero GT. This car draws HUGE amounts of attention. Most do not realize it is not the real thing as dimensions are look are very accurate. Anyone who has driven these knows they are somewhat limited for space. I am 6'2 and do feel a bit cramped when driving, but this has more room than other replicas I've seen. Paint looks very nice, however a few stress cracks and nicks here and there as can be expected. Overall, very nice turn key Countach. Price: $22,000 




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